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laurie manny

Excellent advice, as usual Brian. Now if we can just lead a horse to water...

Gena Riede

Brian, good article. It would be helpful if at all possible...to site an example here with some figures of homes with equity and homes leveraged...for those who may not be familiar with the terms. Just a suggestion.

Toby & Sadie

Amen Brian! It is amazing how many people try to put a one-size-fits-all bandage on the foreclosure situation.

Too many people are burying their head in the sand rather than looking at the situation and saying "what can I do to solve this?"

On to a better topic, played in a vintage Base Ball game this weekend - using 1860s rules - if you've never, you have to. It is a wonderful time!

(I'm here via the AR Blog Tour this morning, but I really should stop my more often!)

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