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Jerell Williams

Me and my family are looking for a rent to own house in phila. Please send me info as it becomes avail.

Brenda Hopgood

My daughter and I are looking for a rent-to-own house in Philadelphia. Please forward any information when it becomes available.

Credit Expert

I'd love to move back to PA. Please send me any info you have.


I am looking for a rent to own house for me and my daugter. Please contact me with information on how I can get started.

condominium philippines

Is there a place to rent for 1 night? Checking in saturday morning out sunday 12 noon. Need one big house with 2 or 3 bedrooms with bathrooms.

Deirdre G

Annette Ellis

my name is annette tolbert-ellis and i am a 56 years old widow and with one 18 years old duaghter whom is non-verbal and has autism , i am seeking a peiece of rent-to-property and in the west philadelphia and area and currently own a fixed income and both me and my daughter recieve spousal social security and we recieve the same amount and due to the fact that on 2/25/05 both me and my daughter was living in a deceased relative home and we had lost everything and except for the clothing on our backs we had to fiend for ourselves and i couldn't afford to incontinue on paying my creditors and as of 9/30/09 i had to file bankruptcy and under chapter 7 and 0n 9/30/09 i have my discharge. and also i amlloking for a decent 3 bedroom and with 2 bedrooms and single family home or condonmium and i have been paying rent here at brighton for five 5 years now and falithfully and at 675.00 per month and for i bedroom and i tied of paying someone's else mortgage and i am moving forward and i am also seeking money and for a grant and for a rent to by home any information being sent to me and regarding this important subject matter would gladly be appreciated.and thanks so much and have a great day. [email protected]


I am a non residential PA, so i am looking for rent to own a house in philadelphia. Any information available please forward it.

philippine real estate

I also agree in rent to own house, I am looking for a rent to own house for my family. It is much better if you have a small budget and you can't afford to buy in cash.


Mortgage Mark

There are plenty of rent to own opportunities in Philadelphia. I personally do not have any but when I was shopping for a home I did look into them and even have one on my street right now.


creative recreation

The house is the place for you people! With it we are free from sun and wind! You speak very good! It enjoys popular support! Now we all need a house! Thank you for your willingness to share with us

new york payroll

What is the average rent to expect in different areas of Chennai?

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